About Us

Marvin and Jean just celebrated 30 years of marriage this year and are so excited to share all they have learned in the past 30 years. Marvin and Jean Moore share a passion for cultivating the positive in marriages and nurturing an individual’s strengths. They are certified facilitators through the PREPARE Enrich program. Having overcome the same obstacles that plaque marriages today, Marvin and Jean are dedicated to helping others communicate, connect, and commit. Marvin hails from Birmingham, Alabama and is a seasoned entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He is a certified life coach, certified and trained in the Birkman Method, as well as a pastor and elder for Mosaic, a faith community. Originally from Burnley, England, Jean has held a long tenure in the service and management industries. She governs two estates and their respective staffs where her talents in hospitality, communication and organization are put to use daily. Marvin and Jean live in Los Angeles and are blessed with a son, Madison, who attends Wesleyan University.

Disclaimer: While The Moores are happy to be of service, please note they are not licensed therapists, clinicians, or doctors.