Meeting with Marvin and Jean made a tremendous impact on our marriage. After moving away from family and raising two boys with another baby on the way, we were exhausted. Having a safe place to talk and be heard was so important when we felt like we didn’t have any energy to support each other. Marvin and Jean listened to our story, and each brought their own unique perspective as they encouraged us and gave us tools to learn to work together. Their wisdom and encouragement have given us a new perspective. We have begun to support each other as a team, and have been able to communicate effectively with each other. We love and appreciate Marvin and Jean, and are thankful for their willingness to share their life, wisdom, and time with us.

— Chris and Melanie Cobb

Thoroughly focused on both our spiritual readiness and marital desires, Marvin asked us how we’d like him to speak at our wedding ceremony with a purely open-mind and heartfelt compassion. We’re Jewish, but not very religious, so we requested a non-denominational service, allowing him to run with it, and wow we were so happy.  Our service was a perfect marriage, if you will, of our personal stories detailing how we found our love for one another and light-hearted humor that made the experience not only beautiful for us, but for our family and friends as well.

We’re good friends with the Moore family. They see no lines in the sand between faiths and provide the best support in all of life’s challenges we all face. Jean and Marvin are truly amazing people!

— Jonathan and Michelle

Marvin and Jean Moore have been through it all when it comes to marriage and relationships. As a result of being refined by the fires of relationships and having servant’s heart for others, they are uniquely positioned to speak truth into the lives of others. This has been the case for Erin and I. When our marriage hit a low, rocky place, they were there to listen, ask the really tough questions, and show us how to fight through it all, to reach a better place. In desperate times of need and when we just had a question or a minor issue, Marvin and Jean were always there to listen, to guide, and to point us back to Christ where the only true healing and change can come from. We thank God for their mentoring role in our marriage and lives, and also for their friendship. Our 12 year marriage would not have the same positive trajectory without them!

— Josh and Erin Olson

Marvin and Jean were a HUGE help. They have incredible wisdom to share–and make it practical to you. Their faith strengthens how they view the world, and they boldy share the truth.

We use their tolls and methods regularly: not only at home but also at work.

A truly invaluable service for our marriage!

We recommend it to anyone & everyone!’

— Scott and Sue