Shortly after our wedding we found ourselves struggling with the challenges that a newly married couple often encounters and we realized we needed help in getting back on the right track. Turning to our friends who had also experienced some early marital stress, we asked them what they had done that so dramatically changed the course of their relationship. Their answer was Marvin and Jean.

After our first session with M&J we knew we had found something special. There was such a surprising and immediate relief of tension that we both walked away from their house smiling. Over the following months our relationship was examined and tested from every angle imaginable, revealing unnoticed miscommunications and behavioral patterns that we had never realized existed. Every incident and point of conflict that was discussed was never judged or used to point fingers, only to find understanding and adapt. As our time with them progressed we all began to notice a tangible shift in the mood and mechanics of our relationship, and by the time we were done with the program we had found an entirely new confidence about who we were as a couple and where we were going.

We could not recommend this program enough (and we do, to everyone!). Because of Marvin and Jean we now have a relationship free of doubt and fear, and full of hope and excitement about the future.

— Chris and Reina