Marvin and Jean literally SAVED our marriage!! Through the power of their teachings in God’s word and patient love we were able to love one another better through tangible techniques and skills that they taught us. Their commitment to helping your marriage be a success is endless and the example they have set for a healthy marriage in their own lives is one for which we constantly strive! Their counseling style is very different from other marriage counselors. They want to get right to the problem and attack it from it’s root so it doesn’t return and make a point to not take sides against either party involved. Marvin and Jean have a fair and balance approach to their counseling and make a point for every opinion and feeling to be voiced and respected. They provide a safe place to really express exactly how you are feeling and always have your best interest at the heart of their teachings. They are loving, genuine and caring. We love one another better and have a more solid foundation for the rest of our marriage because of Marvin and Jean’s help.

— Ryan and Chelsea Luce