We first met Marvin after several sets of friends who had gone to him for pre-marital counseling recommended that we do the same. Their high praise turned out to be more than justified – we can’t imagine what our lives would be like if we hadn’t taken that step! One of the things that makes Marvin so unique is that has an amazing ability to get underneath a problem and see what’s really causing it. Time after time in the various issues that surfaced, he was able to pinpoint what was at the source of our conflicts and misunderstandings. He helped us step into each other’s shoes and find ways to communicate that led to resolution and got us back on the same page. We’ve found that his advice, and the tools he equipped us with, weren’t just critical in helping us work through all the ups and downs of our engagement, but have been extremely helpful far into our marriage and in other relationships and aspects of life. He truly has a gift for being able to come along side and help you live a fuller, more satisfying life, all in way that’s very personable and relaxed. We’ve come to trust not just his opinion, but Marvin himself. It’s rare to find someone who genuinely has your best interest in mind and who can tell you exactly what you need to hear in a way that’s easy to receive. From the outset, he welcomed us into his own life, and it’s a real privilege to call him our friend as well as our coach and counselor. If you’re looking for someone to help you break out of negative patterns and get the most out of your life, we can’t recommend Marvin highly enough!

— Steve and Christina Storm